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Gearing up for Spring!

It’s January 31, the sun is shining, the weather is a gorgeous 75 degrees, so what could be better than planting a garden? We are slowly but surely finishing our side yard. We’ve put down the final railroad ties w/o any trips to the ER, we’re trying to get the final 70 stone tiles to finish the patio, and we’ve got a few flowers planted. We’re still figuring out how to build the chicken coop; yes, I said chickens. There won’t be any roosters in our pen, though, we’ve made a few jokes about that! We need to finish the picket fence, and then start on planting some more seeds for the spring garden. Oh, and our big surprise… we found a dead snake by the pool! The kids were so excited to see the shell – vertebrae and all! It makes me wonder how long the snake was there before it died, and how it died. But, at least it’s dead, and that’s okay with me!

Well, I am off to finish my second paper for the school semester!

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The End of the Month

It’s been an interesting month. I can’t believe that January 2009 is almost finished! I am learning a lot about expressing myself in a blog. There will be more to come as I discover new ways to post! Stay tuned!

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