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GPS is SPG (backward)

So, are you scratching your head yet? What does GPS have anything to do with SPG? I have known about the acronym “GPS” for a couple of years now. It stands for “Global Positioning System”, and it is used in various cars, cell phones, and other devices for locating a person’s position on planet Earth. I think it can be a valuable tool when someone is lost, but I also think it has a “Big Brother is watching me” feeling as well.

Well, I hope that I will never become lost. What was life like before the GPS days? We relied on good old-fashioned road maps, trip-planners from the local Automobile club, and women (yes, I know… I had to take a stab at that one… the women DO stop and ask for directions). When I was younger someone called me,  ‘Miss Thomas Guide’. He said that I loved maps so much that if I would ride in the trunk of a car and drive across the country, even then, I would still be able to tell him what roads we used to get there.

Okay, so maybe that’s a little creepy. So, what’s my point? Well, by-gone are the days of road maps and asking for directions. All we need now is our little Tom-toms and GPS guides. A nice female voice will “tell” you where and when to turn. Personally, I find that piece of technology a little bit annoying. So, sue me; I am old-fashioned.

Even though GPS can pinpoint your position on Earth, there is an alternative way to view it. It’s called SPG. The meaning of this acronym is “Strategically Positioned by God.” Yes, whether you agree with me or not, every human being on planet Earth has been created at a certain time and a certain place. Your global position in this day and time has also been strategically positioned by the Creator. He knew when you would be born. He knows when you are going to die. He knows where you roam, and He knows where you lie down to sleep. You are watched at all times.

But, the point of this post is NOT to freak you out. It is to encourage you… to remind you that, in spite of our modern technological devices, there is a supernatural force that has been “watching” over you since the day you were born. You are not a mistake; you are not in the wrong place. You are not in the wrong time. You are exactly where you need to be… right now… at this moment… for a purpose.

So enjoy your GPS toys. But, know that your SPG is more valuable. Your life is a light to others. You impact the small world around you by the way you live, how you act, and how you love others.

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LOL – A Different Meaning

I admit I am not a brilliant “texter.” I like to read “real” words, full sentences, and proper grammar. In an age where the acronyms abound, I find the word “LOL” a bit humorous. Just add “ly” to it and you get ‘lolly’. It makes me think about that old cartoon that sings, “lolly lolly lolly, get your adverbs here.” Whatever.

But, today, something inspired me to write about an alternate meaning of LOL. Our church is going through a series of messages called “the Light.” One of the themed verses states, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” (John 8:12). That was it… the three little words at the end of the verse: light of life. LOL, in a Christian view, means “Light Of Life.”

Maybe it doesn’t make sense to you. Maybe you don’t find it interesting. That’s okay. It made sense to me. I found it very interesting. Why? Because the word “light” has so many interpretations. The word light is encouraging. For example, if I am standing in a dark room and I light a candle, that little flame gives off enough light for me to see where I am or need to go.

The best natural example of light is our local star, the Sun. The Sun helps us to determine our course of days and seasons. It warms us when we are cold; it brings the process of life (photosynthesis) to plants. The Sun helps us to make vitamin D in our skin; it exposes the dangers that lurk in the dark.

The best spiritual example of light is Jesus Christ. He came humbly into the world, yet he lived boldly as a man on a mission. If he claimed to be the “light of life”, then he is either a liar or he is the true man he claimed to be. You can accept it or reject it. Either way, Jesus still claimed to be the original LOL.

We all have taken certain “lights” for granted. Electricity has changed so many things in modern culture. We forget how difficult it was for Mr. Edison to successfully create the lightbulb. But, he didn’t give up, and he succeeded. In the book of Genesis, chapter one, God says, “Let there be light.” And, guess, what? There was light! He made it so easy. It was a little harder for Edison, but he perservered, and we should be grateful for that invention.

So, as you text and write the new language of shorthand English, try and remember the alternate meaning of LOL. Maybe you’ll get a chuckle out of it. Maybe you’ll smile. Maybe you’ll roll your eyes at my post. I’m just glad I see a different meaning now. It put a new light on my perspective. 🙂

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I see hurting people…

Let’s face it: 2009 was a tough year for a lot of people. I know of five different friends who lost their mothers to various tragedies. I know of four friends who have been through (or are in the process of) divorce. I know of several people who are bankrupt because of lost jobs or failed financial planning. Hurting people are all around us. I saw them last night when I sat in church. I saw a mass of hurting people.

I’m not trying to be “johnny raincloud” and dampen your spirits. I’m just writing what I see, what I feel, what I know. So, in the midst of all of this hurting, how can we make 2010 a better year? Well, there are no guarantees that this new year will be better than last year, but we can begin to transform the pain from the inside out.

Instead of reacting in fear, be proactive in faith, hope, and love.
Instead of dwelling on the negative things, find five blessings to be thankful for.
Instead of spending every dime until payday, set aside 5% in a special envelope marked “rainy day.”
Instead of wondering why the friends have disappeared, go out and make some new friends.
Instead of eating your next meal at the drive-through, take 5 minutes to pack a healthy meal from home.
Instead of sitting in front of the TV or computer, spend 10 minutes outside and walk in the fresh air.

Small choices and small changes can turn into big, positive results, if the arrows are pointed in the right direction. Sure, there are some things that are difficult to change, but there are many things that can be changed. 2010 can be a better year because of a few small choices that will lead to a positive change. Remember, it starts in the mind, it transforms the heart, and it impacts the world.

“Change the strategies to meet the objectives to reach the goals.” This is my own quote that I have learned from my health education classes, but it is applicable in our daily lives.

It is time for me to walk the talk. If you hold me accountable, I will hold you accountable, too.

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Refining Resolutions

I’ve had a case of writer’s block lately. I have so many thoughts to share, yet they all seem to be swirling in my head like a tornado. The one thing that keeps catching my attention is the dawn of a new year. Can’t believe I just said goodbye to 2009, and we are ushering in 2010.

When I was little I watched the sci-fi movies “2001” and “2010”. I could have never imagined that I would live long enough to see those years in reality. And now, it’s been nine years since 2001, and 2010 is upon us. Where are the hovering cars or the space trips to Jupiter? What about human colonization on Mars? Will the notion of science fiction ever become a reality to our current generation?

In light of the new year I have to stop and ponder about the infamous resolutions that people make. Losing weight, fixing the finances, getting a new hair style, buying or selling a house, buying a car, graduating from school, etc… What are the top priorities for 2010 for me?

Here are some things I would like to accomplish this coming year:

*find 30 minutes each day to exercise
*pay everything by cash or money order (no more debit cards)
*finish the final 4 college classes and the internship with all A’s and graduate in December
*spend at least 20 minutes each day in prayer and reading the Word (Bible)
*make a healthy dinner (or lunch) for my family every day
*stick to our chore chart and be consistent
*spend one-on-one time with each child every day
*go on a date night with my husband more than just once every six months
*make a long-distance call to a dear friend or write a homemade letter to a friend once a month
*speak less, listen more
*smile more, laugh more
*use less technology, have more live interaction for social needs
*be ever thankful

I recently watched the movie, “Evan Almighty”, and there was a scene where God says to Evan’s wife that when a person prays for something, the answer is usually given in the form of opportunity. For example, if I was to pray for patience, then God would give the opportunity to be patient. If I prayed for more time with my family, then God would give the opportunity to spend more time with my family (which is the essence of the movie).

So, the essence of my post is to refine my resolutions. They will not be New Year’s resolutions, but I hope that they will be Lifelong resolutions. I hope that you will be encouraged to refine your resolutions as well.

By the way, be careful what you pray for because you just might receive it (in an unexpected way)!

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