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Walk the Talk

In my long and sometimes arduous journey toward a college degree, I realized that I had to find the calling within my career. I started as a liberal studies major, which means that you get a degree in general education. No big deal. But, as I moved to the upper division courses, I knew I had to make a concrete choice.

First, I tried to get my BSN (bachelors in nursing). I spent two and one-half years studying year-round to complete all the prerequisites to enter the nursing program in the fall of 2004. As a long story cut short, plan A disintegrated in lieu of the family. So, I moved on to plan B: a teaching degree. I started back at square one and completed all of the prerequisites I needed to enter the Professional Teaching program at the University. Again, a surprise pregnancy took precedence over my proposed educational goals.

I didn’t quit my schooling, but I took a hiatus for a year to focus on my new baby. As I regained my momentum to figure out a career that could combine nursing and teaching, I found a major called Health Promotion. The bonus part is that it is completely online! I could continue to stay at home and study while raising my children. Even though I didn’t plan to complete my degree in Health Promotion, I see now that it has become vital for my life, the life of my family, and my community.

As I have drawn closer and closer to the finish line (with only an internship standing in the way between me and my degree) I took a good look at myself. I discovered that I wasn’t “walking the talk.” I hadn’t put health promotion as a top priority in my own life. I knew what I needed to do, but in all honesty, I didn’t believe in myself. I was scared. I was afraid to fail. Until I heard these words from my chiropractor, “your heart is stressed,” I decided to make a change for good.

So, on January 5th, 2011, I embarked on a daring and exciting journey toward better health. Through a 21-day purification program, I began my journey by eliminating every possible food source that was poisoning my body. I could only eat vegetables and fruits, along with the approved “detox” shakes and whole food supplements. I was terrified. I had never done anything so drastic before in my life. Sure, I had given up carbs on a temporary diet at a previous time, but this purification program is different. It is meant to be a lifelong change.

The first three days of my purification program were the most difficult. I had to endure hunger pains, sugar cravings, a severe headache, and irritability. But, I kept telling myself, “Even though you feel miserable now, it is only temporary. Wouldn’t you rather have a few days of horrible symptoms, and then have a lifetime of wonderful health?” So, I endured. I did not cheat. Not even one bite or lick of a forbidden food. I prayed a lot; I walked away and ignored the kitchen (my poor husband and kids had to fend for themselves).

I finished the first week with a 9 lb loss of weight, and an increased stamina and energy that I haven’t felt in such a long time. It was almost euphoric! I could literally bounce down the stairs, feeling light as air. I still struggled with the wonderful aromas of food that lingered in the grocery stores and nearby restaurants, but I kept my eyes focused on day 21. I had to cross the finish line with 100% success. I had to “walk the talk” and prove that better health can be achieved through proper eating and exercise.

In conclusion, I did complete the 21 day purification program with 100% success. I encountered a slight viral illness during the middle of it, but I perservered. I learned so many things about ME during this process of self-control. The food of nature can be man’s best friend. I learned that I didn’t have to predict my future as a type 2 diabetic just because my parents were diabetic. I learned that I could live without ONE item that was stocked in my pantry. I learned that water became my source of life in my body.

I also learned that my endocrine system is connected to the nervous system, which connects every system for homeostasis (balance). If the balance is off, then the other body systems will start to react. The liver will show elevated enzymes; the blood fats (cholesterol and trigylcercides) will increase; the oils will increase in the skin; the heart will experience high pressure; the pancreas will pump out too much insulin to try and accomodate the excess sugar; and the kidneys will become overworked through continual filtering and produce stones. Even the small injuries to the tissues, like carpal tunnel and arthritic knees, will respond through chronic inflammation.

The only way to correct and reset the body’s functions back to normal is through a purification program. Most medical doctors do not want to share this information with you because they make more money when you’re sick. They also receive the “kickbacks” from the insurance and pharmaceutical companies to promote the medicinces that are supposed to help or cure the ailments. WRONG! Most medications are just bandaids to relieve the symptoms, but true health is only achieved when you shoot down the root cause and stop it for good!

So, my major is Health Promotion, but my lifestyle will also become Health Promotion. If I can’t be an example for others to believe in a change that will prolong their lives, increase their quality of life, and give them hope for a better future, then I’m not fulfilling my calling as a teacher of health. May you find the strength, courage, and conviction to pursue the best health. The tools are out there; you just have to know where to look! And, don’t be afraid to ask!

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Clearing the Air

Disclaimer: this post is not meant to offend anyone of a different mindset. Since it’s my blog I have the freedom to say what I want. You can ignore it or read on…

A few days ago I felt saddened by the fact that someone I know, whom I thought was a close friend, chose to slander me and my family in regard to our life choices. I just wanted to clear the air with everyone about the issues that were brought up.


Yes, my husband and I have chosen this form of education for our children. No, they have not always been home-schooled. At one point we had been actively involved in the local public school, but after a lot of prayer, research, and conviction, we feel this is the best option for our children.

We do not follow the exact schedule that a public school would experience. We have a lot of flexibility in our day-to-day routine, because I am teaching multiple subjects at three different age/cognitive levels. So, if we are still in our pajamas at 10am, that’s okay. We can still get our math, language, spelling, and history done before we leave the house.

Staying At Home

I used to be a full-time working mother, and I missed out on so much. So, I have chosen to stay at home and put my children and my home first. I could easily go back into the work force and run the rat race like so many other burnt-out moms, but I have chosen to sacrifice a second income for invaluable time with my children. They are only little for a short period, and when they’re all grown up, I can’t get that time back. If I don’t put all of my energy into training and coaching my children, no one else will do it. In my opinion, this is a major deficiency in our society today. Parents have become nothing more than strangers to their own children. They need to invest their time (and not just their money) into these precious lives. Children are going to remember the time you spend with them. Period.


So many people keep asking when my husband is going to find a “real job” and get back into the work force. In moments of worry I, too, have been guilty of asking the same question. But, realistically, we have been surviving on an “anticipated” income. We have learned that there are no real securities in this life. A job can come and go. In this economy, more jobs keep disappearing and moving overseas. But, talent and skills can never be taken away. As long as there is a need for graphic design, social media, and web design, my husband will always have work to do.

Homesteading – The Road Less Traveled

Well, we are not there just yet. But, our hearts have been prepared to learn to live off the land. We have been reading, studying, and learning from others how to live frugally, how to live conservatively, and how to have a minimal impact on society. Start small, change your mindset, and then change your lifestyle.


We are die-hard Patriots to the core. If we had lived during the Revolutionary War, we would have been extremely involved and sacrificed our lives. We believe in a limited government, we believe in family first, and we believe in the Creator who made the world and created us all equal. We are in the minority these days, as it would seem, because we hold to ideals that do not seem “PC” in today’s culture. We want to have abundance and freedom, but we also know the importance of sacrifice. We love free enterprise, and we hold to the values of health promotion and disease prevention as primary, whereas treatment is needed in critical cases.

My mind is clear. My convictions are as strong as ever. My choices are solid.

May you have the conviction, the vision, and the passion to live your life clearly.

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