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Strength is counted by…

… the number of scars.

I was driving down the road today when this thought crossed my mind: strength comes by the number of scars I have.

Well, that doesn’t sound too pretty. Seriously, I think that scars are ugly. They have this white-silvery streak that feels odd on the skin. Scars show damage. They are the result of injury, illness, or disease.

But, scars are a part of life. If we didn’t have scars, we really can’t say that we’ve lived much.

Who hasn’t endured the fall off the bike, the cut from the first shaving experience, or the scab of the chicken pox owie?

But, all of these scars add up. They tell a story of what has happened. They replace the healthy tissue with replacement tissue, and it’s tougher than the original. Hence, the scars create strength in the original area that was vulnerable and weak.

… the number of cords in your rope.

“A three fold cord is not easily broken” is a great statement, and it’s also a verse in the Bible. Strength is found when the “ropes” of your life are held together by two or more strands. These “strands” can be friends, family, or groups that hold you up, hold you accountable, and just plain hold you together.

How do I find/get strength?

In all honesty, I don’t feel like I am strong on most days. I tend to go through the motions of each day. I get up, get ready, and get moving. I have a lot on my plate, and those daily tasks can zap me of my strength. Here are a few examples of ways that I re-fuel my system:

  1. I make sure I get a good night’s rest – a minimum of 8 solid hours of restful sleep.
  2. I make sure I eat breakfast every day – this is necessary to rev up the metabolism.
  3. I make sure I get 30 minutes of exercise done daily. If not daily, then 4-5 times per week.
  4. I make time to find solitude – I find a quiet spot where I can read, pray, meditate, or just stare out the window.
  5. I make sure I “find” ten things to be thankful for each day – this includes positive attributes about myself.

Finding and attaining strength is not for the faint of heart. Only the few will strive for this coveted characteristic in life. Remember, no one is born strong. A newborn baby must make small moves every day to first strengthen the neck in order to hold up the head. Once the head is stable, then the baby will start to use the arm muscles to hold objects, push up on the tummy, and so forth. Eventually, in one year of life, a helpless newborn baby turns into a crawling or possibly walking toddler. Amazing!

If you can find that inner strength, that same determination of a newborn baby, to make small moves every day, can you imagine how different you would be in one year’s time? I have to remind myself everyday that I can be renewed or strengthened far beyond my current limits if I just try to make small changes every day.

Can you do it? Yes! Will you join me? I hope so!

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When I grow up, I want to be…


Life. A Four Letter Word.

It is so interesting to think about life. When I was a child, I had two dreams: I wanted to be a teacher, or I wanted to be a nurse. As I approached my college-age years, I was undecided as to my future. I had no idea what I wanted to be anymore.

It has taken a long time to walk through the paths I have created, and yet I still have so far to go. But, that is okay with me now, because I have chosen to live life to the fullest potential. There used to be regret, but no more. I have changed my heart attitude about life, and I am enjoying each day as it arrives.

I am a teacher. I am a nurse.

So, I have finally decided what I want to be when I grow up. Yes, I am a teacher (not by professional standards, but I do teach my own children at home, and I occasionally substitute teach at a local school). Yes, I am a nurse (again, not by professional standards, but I do have my bachelors degree in Public Health, and I am constantly learning how to treat illnesses and prevent diseases). But, the MOST important career I have found is mentoring.

I am a Mentor.

Through experience and education I have developed enough sense of this world to come alongside a younger woman to be her mentor. I believe with my whole heart that every young woman out there needs a good mentor. A mentor could be her mother, but most of the time, it is another woman who has the passion and commitment to impact a life.

How do I know I would make a good mentor? For one thing, I have 41 years of life experience under my belt. I may be naive to some people and ideals, but for the majority of general living I have “been there” and “done that.”

  • I am a wife of almost 18 years, so I have some experience on marriage.
  • I am a mother of four children, (which includes three teenage young men), so I have some experience on motherhood.
  • I am a dedicated and loyal friend. Yes, I can give you references from my long-term girl friends.
  • I am passionate and committed to any cause that I find worth saving. Yes, that means I have enthusiasm!

As a mentor I will not be saving anybody, but rather, I am hoping to spark hope and encouragement with the young woman I will become friends. I am human, so I will make mistakes. I may let her down. I may not be able to meet all of her needs.

But, I can listen. I can share my story. I can encourage. I can laugh. I can cry.

Most of all, I can be real. It’s time to take off the mask. It’s time to grow up.

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