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Miss Wishy-Washy

I need to do a little explaining of this title. Just this week I have been called this name. In the past I would have cowered in a corner and cried. But, this time I took it like a big girl should. I pulled up my boot straps, straightened my neck, and held my face forward.

Yes, I am Miss Wishy Washy.

It’s not always a bad thing to not know what you want in this life. Everyday there are a million choices that need to be made. What should I eat? What should I wear? Should I turn left or right for better traffic? Do I drink regular or leaded coffee (or none at all)?

Life is full of choices.

Sometimes, we don’t get to make our choices. Sometimes, the choices are laid out as plain as day. For example, most of us have two bad genes: one will lead to cancer, and the other will lead to diabetes (and heart disease). We don’t have a choice in that wild card.

But, with that in mind, we can still make choices to prevent those diseases. We can choose what we want to eat. We can choose if we want to exercise. We can choose to be happier and lead stressless lives (which will reduce your chances of cancer or diabetes).

So, this is why I am Miss Wishy Washy.

I am trying to figure out the best path for my life. I have my hands in 5 network marketing groups at the moment. Yes, F I V E !!!! I have so much love for so many things, that I figured if I dabble if enough of them, then O N E of the them will make sense. It’s not about the money I’d make. It’s about the relationships and the life changing experiences.

So, go ahead and say it.

“Why can’t you just make up your mind and stick with something?”

Well, I definitely understand that question. It is a question I have asked of others several times in the past. But, now, as a mid-life woman, I see why there are variables.

Life is short. You only live once on this planet. It is okay to try a variety of things as long as it benefits your own life (without harming others).

So, take a risk. Join that network marketing group if you want. Try a new hobby. Read a good book. Take that road trip. Hike that mountain.

Be wishy-washy. And while you are at it, say HI to me 🙂



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