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Hitting Milestones… Making Memories

on May 21, 2016

Graduation from high school is a big deal to both the child and the parents who raised him or her. Thirteen years of school, countless hours of studying, and a myriad of activities all culminate to one thing: the high school diploma. A piece of paper becomes the passageway that says a child has completed a huge milestone. It says, “Welcome to Adulthood.”

When my second son was born in December 1997, I didn’t really count the number of years that would bring him to May 2016… the year of his high school graduation. As held my 9 pound 9 ounce baby boy in my arms for the first time, I just wanted to cherish that moment of his miraculous birth. I didn’t want to think of him growing up….yet. Then, thousands upon thousands of moments later I am watching him don his blue cap and gown as we cheer him on to the next milestone of his life.

As he is leaping from one milestone to the next, I am holding on to each memory.

As a mom I am so proud of each of my children’s accomplishments. I am grateful that I have been there for all of those milestones. From their first smiles and their first words, to the first day of school and then to their last day of senior year, I am so honored to be there for them. My heart leaps with joy and cries tears of mixed emotions.

I believe that all parents want to see their children succeed through life. The love, the time, the sacrifice, the tears, the joy… all of it becomes so crystal clear when that moment comes to say, “Welcome to Adulthood.”

Right now I have so much to say, yet the words are hard to form.

Dear Michael,

I prayed for you when you were in my womb.

I prayed over you when you went to kindergarten.

I prayed for you when you went to summer camp.

I prayed for you when  you were in your first play.

I prayed for you when you had your first job.

I prayed for you when you received your driver’s license.

And now, I am praying for you as you begin life after high school.

All those moments. All those days. Etched in my memory.

I’ll love you forever and forever my baby you’ll be.

Love always,




One response to “Hitting Milestones… Making Memories

  1. Jeanne! This blog was so beautifully written and I started tearing up a little bit as I read it. You are a wonderful mother and have truly raised some pretty amazing kids! ❤


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