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Lazy Days of Summer

The past few weeks of my life can be summarized into two words: (1) lazy and (2) busy. After moving my family from one home to another at the end of April, I have chosen to do as little as possible over the summer. I have chosen to be lazy.

But it’s not all bad to be lazy.

Because, at the same time, I am still a busy mama. I am still cleaning and cooking and washing and organizing and running errands. Our family has had more visitors in our new house these past three months than we have had in the past year at the old house! I have stretched way beyond my limit in hospitality and served meals, hosted overnight guests, and play dates.

My view of laziness is equal to rest.

You can’t keep the motor running all the time. You need to stop and recharge those batteries. My version of rest these days is to sit in front of the TV and binge watch an old show called Gilmore Girls. It’s a light-hearted show of two major characters (a young mom and a teen-aged daughter) who share the ups and downs of living in a small, charming New England town. They drink too much coffee, and they talk way too much. But…

It is fun to watch and pretend I am living in that Gilmore world.

I know that the lazy days of summer are quickly coming to a close. The school supplies are waiting to be purchased. The patio furniture has been cleared out of the stores, and soon the rumble of the yellow school buses will line the streets once again. It’s only a matter of a few weeks and life will churn in another direction. The summer season will bow out gracefully to the new one ushering in with the first cool breeze of fall.

Oh, how I can hardly wait to open my windows and smell the cool air again.

So for now, in the midst of July, I am basking in the laziness of summer. Just as a bear hibernates all winter in preparation for a busy spring, I am hibernating inside my air-conditioned home to prepare for the upcoming season where I can go outside and stretch my legs and run around without heat exhaustion.

How about you? How are you enjoying your summer? I hope that you are finding those moments of calm. Those moments of rest. Those moments of lazy.

May you all be blessed today, my dear reader.

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