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Nine Fruits: Number Nine ~ Self-Control

figure8The ninth and final “Fruit of the Spirit” is self-control.

Oh boy, do I feel unworthy about writing on a topic such as this.

For one thing, self-control is a complex topic, and there is not one person on the planet who has mastered it with full success.

Yet, the good news is that there is always hope toward understanding and incorporating self-control into one’s daily life.

The diagram to the right is an amateur’s rendering of the different aspects of life. The top circle of the figure 8 represents the physical side of a person’s life. The middle connector is the spiritual point. And, the bottom circle represents the other main features that complete the life of a human: the social side.

Self-control is necessary in each of these ten points of a person’s life. In order to achieve balance, focus, organization, goals, and success, the ten points must be given a rank or priority and work together in harmony.

So, how does one begin to achieve self-control? How will self-control manifest as a “fruit” in a person’s life? In my experience, self-control has always been a “mind over matter” issue. If I was determined to set a weight loss goal, my self-control for sugar or portion control would have to kick in to high gear in order to see results.

Another example for self-control is in the area of finances. Now, I’m no Dave Ramsey, but I do know a thing or two about finances. It’s actually very similar to calories and weight control. Self-control is the key to controlling how much is deposited (saved or energy ingested) or withdrawn (spent or energy burned).

I didn’t want to wait until January 1st, 2015, to start following a friend’s recommendation called the “30 Day Push.” This is a free and simple accountability program designed by Chalene Johnson that helps an individual decide to take control, yes ~ self-control, over all of the ten major points in his/her life. I was so excited to find this freebie because I need that accountability. I need that encouragement.

I am always looking for ways to expand my knowledge and experience in better living. I believe that God wants us all to embrace these nine “fruits” so that we may have the best life possible. He wants us to have love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control. And when we finally embrace all of these fruits, and use them and share them to the best of our abilities, then we are glorifying Him and fulfilling our purpose here on earth.

Self-control is not easy. But, it is doable. It is achievable on all levels. And, it is one of the best reminders of how much strength we really do have by saying yes or no or wait. It is through self-control that we show respect to ourselves and integrity to others.

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Nine Fruits: Part Six ~ Goodness

Goodness, gracious! I thought this was going to be an easy post!

I have taken much time, thought, and consideration before I decided to approach this subject. When I looked into the definition of goodness, it says, “the quality of being good.” Well, that sounds easy. But, when I started to really really study and revel in the thought of being “good” I am learning that being good is definitely a learned trait, not an innate quality.

No Naysayers, please…

Newborn babies are the sweetest human beings on the planet. I know – I have given birth to four of them. Each one is a precious, delicate, beautiful gift from God. Yet, newborn babies do not know how to be “good.” They are unable to understand what it means to know right from wrong, have self-control, or show love and empathy. They only know how to cry and to eat. But, as time goes on, and that helpless little newborn starts to develop a personality, the mother and father begin to see that some training is in order.

I can attest to that fact when my little girl was six months old. All of a sudden, this happy baby turned into a little temper-tantrum monster! What? How can a sweet, innocent, beautiful baby throw such a fit that she looks like “Jack-Jack” in The Incredibles?

Case in Point: Goodness, or the quality of being good, must be learned. So, in my experience, and also reassured through my faith, that goodness is a trait of the Holy Spirit.

Goodness is a wonderful trait, and everybody can learn to be good. The only problem with being good is, “how good do I have to be to be good enough?” The answer lies in the truth of the Bible. If goodness is a fruit of the Holy Spirit, then being good enough is based on the Bible’s standards of obedience, honesty, knowing right from wrong, and etc… I could go on and on. The moral compass that I follow, and have taught my children to follow, is based on God’s Word. Just because I may believe something to be good and right, may not necessarily be good and right to another person. Yet, if we follow the Owner’s Manual, the Bible, the standard has been set right there… and we’ve all been able to read it since 1599!

So, in closing, goodness is awesome. I love being around people who display goodness. Children who display good behavior are a JOY to be around. Adults who display good behavior are ENCOURAGING to be around.

And God saw everything He had created, and it was very good. (Genesis 1:31)Hydrangeas

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