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Every Day is Mother’s Day!


The first time I heard those words from my mother-in-law, I was taken back for a second. I didn’t quite understand what she was talking about, and I couldn’t figure out why she didn’t want to celebrate Mother’s Day. I always thought that each holiday was special, and that Mothers around the world deserved to be recognized on a special day.

She was right.

As I have become an experienced mother I now realize the validity in her point. Every single day is special to me as a mother. I cherish every moment I can spend with my children, because time is so fleeting and they grow up so darn fast. I don’t necessarily want presents or flowers everyday, but I sure do love the hugs and kisses from my kiddos.

From this day forward…

Every mother who has birthed (or adopted) a child knows how special those first few moments of meeting your new baby can be. Nothing can explain that thrill of awe, of amazement, of sheer joy, when that baby is placed in your arms. It is also the scariest of moments for the first time mother to know that she has the most vulnerable creature in her arms, and all that mattered before motherhood now pales in comparison to loving and growing this child.

From the first breath of her baby a new mother will always be… his/her mother. The biggest and toughest job of the world just landed into a woman’s lap, and she selflessly accepts the position of mother. She doesn’t quite know what is in store for her as a mother. No one will be able to prepare her for countless nights of lost sleep due to crying, illness, hunger, and comfort. There isn’t a way to explain the daunting level of exhaustion, or worry, or sorrow  to this new mother, because no one wants to know the reality of raising a child in that way.

It is easy to share all of the good things that will happen with the position of motherhood. All of the kisses, hugs, smiles, and immeasurable joy can be found in motherhood. Nary a day goes by that I don’t receive a word of kindness, a quick touch of compassion, or just plain reassurance of love from my children.

Moment by Moment

When my boys were babies I couldn’t wait until they were out of the “diapers and formula” stage. Oh, how I thought that season of parenting was so expensive! Now that they are teenagers, I really miss those cute baby days! I am learning now to take each day on a moment by moment basis.

It’s been almost one year since I said goodbye to my dear sweet mother. She was so precious to me, and I am missing her more and more as time goes by. Although I struggled with wanting to be ‘right’ when I knew I should listen to her, I realize now that she did the best job she could for me and my brother. I will always appreciate her love and time and commitment.

Not Perfect, but Passionate

My parenting style has always been on the pursuit of passionate motherhood. I want my children to know that I am passionate about loving them, training them, and “bringing them up in the way they should go.” As much as I’d like to be perfect, I fall short of that misconception every single time. As I take off my perfectionist hat, I do my best to embrace my passionate hat. I want to give 110%, no matter the cost.

Make Each Day Matter

As you continue this week and think about Sunday, Mother’s Day, remember one thing: Once a mother, always a mother. Each day matters to every mother. If you still have your mother, thank her each day for her love (if you can). She is doing and being her very best.




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The Greatest Honor of Being a Mother

Here is a quick bio of my son, who will be graduating high school on May 23, 2014. I wish I had written more of my memories of him over the course of his life, but this is a gentle reminder to be ever present and intentional in the lives of your children.

I love you, dear sweet Matthew.

ImageMatthew Stephen Cerrone

Matthew was born on November 4, 1995, to Robert and Jeanne Cerrone. He entered the world with a struggle to live, and we embraced him during those early days in the NICU. After he arrived home, we thought that everything would be okay. He had many illnesses as a little baby, and little did we know that all the ear infections would affect him later in life.

Matthew grew into a smart, quick-witted, and charming boy. He was using the computer at three years of age. He learned to read fluently at age 5. He was always “ahead of the game” in both academics and any skill he learned. Teachers were in awe of his mindset, and he made friends easily wherever he went.

When he was ten years old he decided to be baptized in his faith. This was an amazing time as he clarified his faith in God. Shortly after this decision, he became ill with a rare autoimmune disorder called Henoch Schonlein Purpura. This is a condition that results from a compromised immune system (all those ear infections). He was home-schooled during this time. There is still a 50% chance of recurrence, so he will always need to keep his immune system in check.

Two years later he was still struggling with ear issues, and a new doctor discovered a cholesteatoma in his left ear. If left untreated it would threaten his life. So, he underwent two major surgeries. The first one removed the “tumor” as well as his mastoid process. The second surgery would reconstruct his ear canal and put in a titanium frame to replace the lost bone.

After recovering from this unforeseen circumstance, Matthew began to grow and mature through his junior high years with ease. He was home-schooled during his healing time, but after giving much thought to his future, he decided to return to public school in 10th grade to finish his studies.

As of today, Matthew has completed four years of high school in three years’ time. He has continued to amaze us with his ability to learn quickly, retain well, and achieve new goals. He joined the cross country team, the track team, and also the yearbook and theater departments during his time in high school. He has also learned to play the piano and loves to sing. His studies and activities have continued to keep him quite busy, but he is looking forward to some down time this summer before he begins college.

We are so proud of our eldest son, Matthew. He has truly been a blessing to us all, and we are so thankful for all of the time we have had with him. We look forward to seeing what he will do with his gifts and talents. We will continue to lift him in prayer as we know that he is a child of God.

Matthew’s name means “Gift of God,” and we definitely know this meaning to be true!

Thank you dear family and friends for all of your love and support to our family as we raise our son for God’s glory!

With love,

Robert and JeanneImage


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